About The China Story

The China Story Journal provides informed critical commentary on China today. It is not an ‘academic journal’, but rather a ‘quotidian account’ of events, ideas and people of interest written by diverse authors.

The China Story provides informed critical commentary on China today, initiated by the Australian Centre on the World (CIW). It is not an ‘academic journal’, but rather a ‘quotidian account’ of events, ideas and people of interest written by diverse authors. The Australian National University does produce an acclaimed, peer-reviewed Chinese Studies journal twice a year under the title The China Journal, which is published by Chicago University Press.

The China Story engages with the shifting narratives and realities of contemporary China, offering a range of views on different aspects of the People’s Republic, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and the Chinese-speaking world essayed by scholars, writers, journalists and commentators. Through short posts, interviews, translations and miscellanea the Journal reflects our evolving understanding of The China Story and its numerous facets.

Features of The China Story Project are:

The China Story Journal is edited by graduate scholars and post-doctoral fellows affiliated with the Australian Centre on China in the World in collaboration with Gloria Davies, an Adjunct Director of the Centre.

We encourage submissions from writers, journalists, scholars and translators, or from those who study or work on aspects of contemporary China that can enrich or challenge accepted approaches.

The Editors

Gloria Davies is a literary scholar, historian and translator whose research covers a range of areas: Chinese intellectual and literary history from the 1890s to the present; contemporary Chinese thought; comparative literature and critical theory; and studies of cultural flows in the digital age. She is Professor of Chinese Studies at Monash University where she is a member of the Literary and Cultural Research Network and a member of the Monash Asia Institute’s advisory board. She teaches, supervises and engages in collaborative research across several areas in Asian cultural and media studies. An Adjunct Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World, she co-edits the China Story Journal.

Elisa Nesossi is a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Australian Centre on China in the World where she is working as part of the research stream on “China Justice”. She obtained her post-graduate qualifications from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Her scholarship focuses on the relationship between human rights law, criminal justice and legal reforms in contemporary China.

Geremie R. Barmé, Founding Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World, the creator of The China Story Project and editor of the e-journal China Heritage Quarterly. He wrote the ‘New China Newspeak 新华文体‘ entry in the Lexicon.

Paul Farrelly is a PhD candidate in the Australian Centre on China in the World. He does research on emergent forms of religion and spiritual activity in Taiwan and China, in particular those which exist on the boundaries of formal ‘religion’.

Jeremy Goldkorn is a publisher, blogger and entrepreneur based in Beijing. Since 2003, he has published Danwei, a daily record of events and news in the Chinese media and Internet. He has worked as an editor and publisher with several English and Chinese magazines, and in advertising. He now runs Danwei as a research affiliate of the Australian Centre on China in the World and is the author of ‘The Internet 互联网’ entry in the Lexicon.


The China Story Journal welcomes submissions that make a meaningful contribution to understanding the contemporary Chinese world. Preference will be given to posts which:

  • offer new perspectives on the overlapping and conflicting narratives of Chinese current affairs, be they local, regional or global;
  • translate materials from Chinese (or other relevant languages) not otherwise available in English; or,
  • relate in new ways to relevant themes, ideas, articles and materials published in other sections of The China Story website, especially the Yearbook and the Lexicon.

Written submissions should, in general, not exceed 1500 words and should be accompanied by a short biography of the author. Illustrative material, including audio-visual material, is welcomed.

Submissions should be sent to: thechinastoryjournal@gmail.com 

Style Guide
The China Story Style Guide is on this web page; a PDF version can be downloaded here.