The Leadership of Xi Jinping: philosophy and endless reform

The Eighteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party formally initiated the party-state power transition that is set to continue well into 2013.

As we have noted in our China Story Yearbook 2012, Red Rising, Red Eclipse, the lead-up to the transition was full of political surprises and dramatic developments.

Professor He Baogang 何包钢, Chair of International Studies at Deakin University in Melbourne, spoke to Luigi Tomba of the Australian Centre on China in the World, ANU, about the new leadership, the challenges of political and economic reform in China today, and the political philosophy of Xi Jinping, the newly appointed Secretary General of China’s Communist Party.

Professor He was visiting the Australian Centre on China in the World as part of the forum ‘China’s New Leadership Insights & Prospects’, 13 December 2012, featuring Gerry Groot, Warren Sun, Richard Rigby and He Baogang. For details, see here.

For Luigi Tomba’s interview with Professor He, see here.