The Last Refuge of the Patriot: a list of websites

In the afterglow of the 3 September mass martial display in Beijing (see ‘Parading the People’s Republic‘), we thought readers might be interested in maintaining an understanding of mainland Chinese (and global Chinese) patriotic fervour. To that end, our colleague Xia Keyu at Danwei has compiled the following list of pro-patria, pro-party websites. — The Editors


Patriots Site also at
The site’s name is Aiguowang, Hanyu Pinyin (official PRC romanisation) for ‘patriotic site’. It is blazoned with the slogan ‘Love Country Love Family Love Life’ 爱国爱家爱生命. The site was launched by a group of National People’s Congress members.

China Patriots Site
‘China Patriotic Site’ 中华爱国网 is run by a group calling itself the ‘China Patriotic Project Association’ 中华爱国工程联合会, established at the time of the advent of the Chinese web in 1995.

Home of Patriots
爱国者之家 does, literally, mean the ‘Home of Patriots’.

Strong China Forum
This forum, 强国论坛, is the online BBS of People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s official media outlet.

Blood and Steel
This site, 铁血网 in Chinese, focuses on defence-related topics.

The title ‘918’ refers to the ’18 September Incident’ of 1931, the ‘Mukden Incident’ that marks the invasion of the Republic of China by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Party-Building Site
This site, 党建网, is administered by the Publicity/Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

Youth Site
This site is run by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, itself under Party Central.

The ‘home of utopians’ 乌有之乡 is a famous pro-Maoist site founded in 2003.

Red Culture Site
This ‘red culture site’ 红色文化网 is also pro-Maoist in hue.