China’s Gender Imbalances: Ready, Able, Squeeze

Mara Hvistendahl’s 2011 book entitled Unnatural Selection: Choosing boys over girls, and the consequences of a world full of men provides an eye-opening account of a phenomenon that is, or at least should be, attracting worldwide attention. Through the eyes of demographers, parents, economists, doctors, feminists, prostitutes, bachelors, brides and others, the book illustrates the … more

Surviving in the Shadows

On 16 August, some five hundred people turned up at the Song Zhuang 宋庄 Art District on the outskirts of Beijing to attend the opening event of the Ninth Beijing Independent Film Festival (BIFF) – a record number. Thirty minutes into the screening of the first film, however, a power failure hit the entire residential … more

Local China Stories: the Many in the One

In sixteenth-century Italy and France a new form of popular narrative developed; it marked the beginning of modern European theatre. This was commedia dell’arte (‘comedy of the craft’), a type of performance by peripatetic comedians that had no written script that offered entertainment improvised on the basis of what was called ‘canvass’: a structure of … more

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