Wine-tasting Chinese Tourists in Australia

Jinghong Zhang is a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian Centre on China in the World. She completed her PhD in anthropology at the ANU in 2011. Her doctoral research explored how Puer tea, originating in Yunnan in southwest China, was manipulated into becoming a popular beverage in twenty-first century China. This work was published as … more

Making History: Scotland and Taiwan, 2014

The Chinese government has long promoted the vision of a Greater China under its perpetual stewardship – an expanded People’s Republic into which Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan will have been harmoniously assimilated. In 2014, this segment of Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’ was rudely interrupted by the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan (in April) and the … more

Rhetoric and Reality — Xi Jinping’s Australia Policy

Australia-China bilateral relations have experienced something of a roller-coaster ride since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Year. With the advent of the Tony Abbott-led Coalition Government in September 2013, recalibration of the relationship has been ongoing. Australia’s traditional alliance with the United States, a newfound Abbott-inspired BFF-relationship with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and a series of regional … more

China Matters in the South Pacific

Anne-Marie Brady, BA, MA Auckland, PhD ANU is a Professor in Political Science at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand and a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington DC. She is a fluent Mandarin speaker, who specialises in Chinese foreign and domestic politics and polar politics. She has written nine books and … more

Little Apples in Xinjiang

David Brophy is a specialist in the social and political history of China’s northwest, particularly Xinjiang, and its connections with the Islamic and Russian/Soviet worlds. A former post-doctoral fellow with the Australian Centre on China in the World, he is now a lecturer at the University of Sydney. His book on the politics of Uyghur nationalism between Xinjiang … more

Creative Writing in China

Creative fiction has a venerable history in the People’s Republic of China. Many would argue that the nation’s very foundations lie in its creative fictions. Nonetheless, one of the achievements of the post-Mao era is that the voices and stories of the many have challenged the previous monologue of the party-state, enriching or at least … more

Cross-straits Relations: an era of uncertainty

On 29 November, Taiwanese voters went to the polls in island-wide elections to elect over 11,000 municipal offices, from city mayors to village councils. It was the first time that all of these municipal elections had been held at the same time, in accordance with the goal of Taiwan’s Central Election Commission to reduce the … more

Conflict in the East China Sea: Would ANZUS Apply?

Nick Bisley and Brendan Taylor The following article is an extract from the Australia China Research Institute (ACRI) publication Conflict in the East China Sea: Would ANZUS apply?, launched on Monday 3 November at the Australian Centre on China in the World. Despite the moderated tone in Sino-Japanese relations prior to the November 2014 APEC … more

Tough Love for Hapless Chinese Investors Abroad

​David Murphy is a PhD candidate at the Australian Centre on China in the World, ANU. His research on corporate political activity in China is focussed on the influence exerted by major Chinese corporations and industry bodies on trade policy. He has worked in both Australia and China in consulting and advisory firms specialising in trade policy … more