A Nomad’s Life

Ben Hillman conducts research on political change in Asia, democratisation, ethnic conflict, post-conflict reconstruction and comparative local governance. He is based at the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University, works as an advisor to the United Nations on issues of governance and institution-building and is Founding Chair of the Eastern Tibet Training Institute, … more

The Paradox of the South China Sea Disputes

David Rosenberg is Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Middlebury College, Vermont, and edits South China Sea. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at The Australian National University.—The Editors __________ As the maritime commons of Asia’s rapidly-growing, export-oriented countries, the South China Sea is traversed by some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. In … more

The Environment in China and the Return of Civil Society

On 14 January 2013, the People’s Daily published a front page editorial, ‘A Beautiful China Begins with Healthy Breathing’ 美丽中国,从健康呼吸开始. The editorial highlighted the nation’s serious pollution problems and the urgent need for effective remedies. The same day, news media outlets across the country carried articles openly deploring the environmental consequences of ill-considered economic development. … more

Zhua Ji 抓髻: New Photographic Work About China

  Zhua ji means to grab and tie. It refers to a young girl’s hairdo, two tufts sprouting up from the head. This is an image repeated in paper cuts and folk art. It connotes something spontaneous, alive, informal. The daughter of a Beijing native in a house infused with Chinese flavor, I had this hairdo … more

Lu Xun’s Afterlives

The following essay is an edited excerpt from Gloria Davies’ book Lu Xun’s Revolution, published by Harvard University Press in March 2013. It is a study of the writing of a man who is regarded as the colossus of twentieth-century Chinese letters. Mao Zedong called him ‘the sage of modern China’, although much of what Lu … more

China and its Revolutions: What Kind of History for the Asian Century?

This contribution by Lewis Mayo of the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, continues The China Story Journal discussion of the Australian government’s Australia in the Asian Century, released on 28 October 2012. See also: David Brophy, ‘Australia’s Asia‘, 31 October 2012; Stephen FitzGerald, ‘Australia and China at Forty: Stretch of the Imagination‘, 12 November 2012; The Editors, ‘Australia’s Asian … more

China, the West and ‘Soft Balancing’ in the South Pacific

Marc Lanteigne is a Senior Lecturer in the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. He works on the rise of China as a strategic and economic power as well as its evolving interactions and engagements with international organisations and regimes and is the author of China and International Institutions: Alternate Paths to … more

Building the Australian Centre on China in the World

This website is a creation of the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW), which was established at The Australian National University in 2010. The Centre’s permanent home will be a new building designed by the Beijing-based architect Gerald Szeto 司徒佐 of Mo Atelier Szeto Architects working with the Canberra firm Munns Sly Moore. Construction is … more

China’s Twenty Dreams

In A Stretch of the Imagination, an oration written for the Australian Centre on China in the World published recently in book form, a former ambassador to China Dr Stephen FitzGerald speaks of how the debate about Australia’s engagement with Asia that started in the 1960s, one that was frequently lead by nationally prominent figures, was ‘put … more