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China, Chinese Stories and The China Story on the Internet in English

Chinese State and Commercial Media (English-language sites)

Beijing Review
China Central Television
China Daily
China Economic Net
Global Times
People’s Daily Online

Other China Stories

East Asian History
An online and open-access academic journal of scholarship on East Asia, published by the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW).

Also based at CIW, this is an academic group blog examining the complexity of contemporary China. The collective also publishes Made in China: A Quarterly on Chinese Labour, Civil Society, and Rights and produces the Little Red Podcast.

China Heritage Quarterly
A publication that covered scholarship in areas related to China’s heritage, culture, history and society. China Heritage Quarterly was published by the Australian Centre on China in the World.

China Heritage
A project of Geremie Barmé (former editor of the China Story and founder of The Wairapapa Academy for New Sinology), his site continues the work of China Heritage Quarterly with scholarly examinations of China’s past and essays on present issues.

The Gate of Heavenly Peace
Archival site for The Gate of Heavenly Peace 天安门, the 1995 documentary film by the Long Bow Group covering the background to and the tumultuous events of 1989.

Morning Sun
Archival site for Morning Sun 八九点钟的太阳, the 2003 documentary film by the Long Bow Group about the Cultural Revolution era.

Long-time China Story collaborator Jeremy Goldkorn is one of the team behind this regularly updated portal on events in China. It is also the new home of the Sinica Podcast.

East Asia Forum
An ANU-based journal providing East Asian analysis, research and policy comment on the Asia Pacific region and world affairs.

Asia Society
An Asia-related portal featuring news and articles in a range of multimedia forms. The Asia Society also produces China Green, and the extensive China-focused site, China File.

The China Beat (2008-2012)
An inventive academic-driven blog of articles on books, ideas and events, now archived.

China Digital Times
News, issues, translations and aggregation. Two special sections worth mentioning are: Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon, a glossary of online Chinese slang and subversive puns; and, Directives from the Ministry of Truth, an archive of party-state propaganda and censorship instructions.

China History Podcast
A popular podcast about Chinese history, covering themes from China’s legendary origins to the Cultural Revolution, as well as accounts of contemporary figures.

China Media Project
Translation, analysis and commentary on Chinese media, media policy, censorship and journalism. David Bandurski edits the site, and writes many of the articles himself, with new pieces published on this blog. The project also regularly publishes commentaries and reportage by important Chinese editors, journalists and academics (see the Fellows page for biographies and links). The site also hosts a growing section of special features, such as the Media Dictionary, the Anti-Social List of deleted Weibo postings and a news section that covers breaking news and emerging trends in the Chinese press.

China Policy
Analysis of contemporary China by a research team lead by the scholar David Kelly. This site follows Chinese discussions and analysis of political, economic and social developments.

A daily review of news from English and Chinese sources.

The creation of the prolific translator, statistician and polymath Roland Soong. Notably, ESWN was the site that published the first translations of Han Han’s 韓寒 Three Essays: Revolution, Democracy and Freedom.

Letter from China
A blog by the former Beijing-based correspondent for The New Yorker, Evan Osnos.

Peking Duck
Current events and views of China from an American in Beijing.

Marco Polo Project
The Marco Polo Project publishes a selection of essays, fiction and other writings from established and emerging Chinese writers, submitted and translated by the website’s users. The translations are ‘crowd-sourced’.

Shenzhen Noted
A blog devoted to recording Shenzhen’s urbanisation using photos, translations, original writings and information from the media.

China in Africa
A blog by Deborah Brautigam, author of The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa, that documents the Chinese presence in Africa.

South Sea Conversations
Translations and analysis of Chinese media reporting and commentary on the South China Sea.

The China Collection
Analysis and articles on Chinese legal issues by law professor Donald C. Clarke.

U.S.-Asia Law Institute
Led by Jerome A. Cohen, a renowned expert in Chinese law, this institute promotes the rule of law in Asia.

China Dialogue
Bilingual site focusing on China’s environmental issues with contributions from Chinese and global journalists and activists.

China Labour Bulletin
Research and analysis of labor issues and rights.

Owned by the state-funded Shanghai United Media Group, this site offers insights on events in China today.

Chublic Opinion
The English language blog of a Chinese writer who analyses events that may be overlooked by the media and other venues on the internet.

China Policy Institute: Analysis
Produced by the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute, experts from around the world blog here on a range of issues, especially politics, international relations and security.

The China Blog (LA Review of Books)
Helmed by some of the old China Beat team, this blog reviews the latest China books and includes some author interviews.

What’s on Weibo
Translations and analysis of trending topics on Chinese social media.

New Bloom
A bilingual collection of articles and interviews that focus on political culture and social movements in Taiwan.

Frozen Garlic
A long-running blog offering informed analysis of elections and related happenings in Taiwan.

The Anthill
A collection of fiction and non-fiction, the Anthill offers creative renderings of life in China.