Y. Ralph Sun (Sun Yuanfang) 孫元方

This article is excerpted from Biographies of Prominent Chinese, published in Shanghai in c.1925.

Y. Ralph Sun

Mr. Y. Ralph Sun (Sung Yuen-fong), manager of the Chung Foo Union Bank of Shanghai, was born in Seu-Hsien, Anhwei, in the year 1883. He received his elementary education at home until 1903. He then went to America to study; where, after attending preparatory schools, he enrolled at Brown University, and was graduated, in 1912, with the degree of B.A.

Upon returning to China, he joined the Bank of China, at Peking. He assisted in drafting the bank rules and the bank note reserve regulations,—most of which received favourable attention by the bank authorities. He was appointed Inspector in the head office, and acted, concurrently, as a member of a committee in the Bureau of Currency under the Ministry of Finance.

In 1914, Mr. Sun was made sub-manager of the Bank of China, at Hankow. After two years’ successful service, he resigned, and accepted the general membership of the Fou Fong Flour Mill Company,—which position he is still holding. In 1916, Mr. Sun assisted the late Mr. Sun Tsao Sun in establishing the Chung Foo Union Bank. Upon the formal opening of the bank, in May of that year, he acted, concurrently, as its manager.

Mr. Sun holds many business positions, such as: Director of the Flour Merchants’ Guild, Vice-president of the Chinese Bankers’ Association, Shanghai, and member of the Editorial Committee of the General Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai.

He is also Director of the Chung Foo Union Bank, Fou Fong Flour Mill, Tung Foong Flour Mill, Honan, Tsi Foong Mill, Shantung, Tai Loong Flour Mill, Wushi, Lee Hin Transportation Co., Woo Foong Godown Co., Shanghai, and the Tung Hwei Industrial Development Co., Peking.

He has been made a Councillor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, and has received three decorations of the “Chiaho” rank.

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